World Health Organization | Climate Prescription

In this short animation produced for the Global Climate and Health Alliance health workers urge world leaders to take climate action to protect their patients’ health. Commissioned by the GCHA in the run-up to the global climate conference COP26, the film premiered at the first-ever COP Climate & Health Presidency event. Within the first 24 hours, the film had 20k views.

For Climate Prescription, we were tasked with creating a film that included real health professional's voices from around the world, bringing them together to convey one powerful message. Using those real-world voices that drive an imaginative animation directed by Daniel Bird, this short video was inspired by the simple trope of doctor's bad handwriting:

"Our handwriting may be bad, but our message is clear."

Climate Prescription was a Happenstance Films collaboration with the brilliant Wit and Wisdom.

Client: Global Climate and Health Alliance
Producers: Julia Alcamo, Daniel Bird
Director: Daniel Bird
Animation: Daniel Bird, David Izaj, Jaroslav Mrázek