Channel 4 | More Than a Runner

In a world that demands we run faster, harder, and longer, we often forget why we started running in the first place. More Than a Runner isn't just about the physical act of running; it's about the stories, the struggles, and the triumphs that each pound on the tarmac represents. This inspirational documentary series tells the stories of Alexandru & Elliot, for whom running the marathon is so much more than reaching 26.2 miles.

Elliot is a first-time marathon runner taking on the 2024 TCS London Marathon. When he was younger, Elliot was diagnosed with a rare blood disease. In episode 1, Elliot takes us through his emotional running experiences leading up to the marathon. Will his body and mind finally allow him to mark the end of a traumatic journey?

From homeless shelters to catwalking at major fashion weeks; from sleeping on night buses to pursuing his ambition of becoming a university lecturer; Alexandru refuses to be defined by his past. He’s running, full throttle, towards the person he wants to be - someone at home in his own body, and someone who can be the mentor who was missing in his own life. In episode 2, we follow Alexandru as he attempts to train for a marathon in just 3 months. But can his fragile knees hold up?

Commission: Channel 4
Brands: Gay Times & Voltarol
Producers: Dan Hodgson & Kateryna Pavlyuk
Director: Julia Alcamo 
Cinematography: Julia Alcamo & Dan Hodgson
Editors: Dennis Mabry & Miguel Pinto