Leonard Cheshire | The Resonate Project

This behind-the-scenes film accompanies our recent historical documentary Leonard. produced for the UK's disability charity Leonard Cheshire. The Resonate Project was set up to preserve and digitise recordings from the personal collection of humanitarians Lord Leonard Cheshire VC and his wife Lady Sue Ryder. This short documentary gives insight into the archiving process and the volunteers' efforts and showcases samples from the sound archive.

Producing an interview-driven film under Covid-19 lockdown restrictions was challenging but we used small technical hacks and thorough research to our advantage. Training our interviewees to record sound and image on their own end gave us much higher-quality results than solely relying on pixilated Zoom recordings. Spending time digging into the wealth of archive material provided us with plenty of engaging B-roll.

Leonard Cheshire archivist Stephanie Nield loved the result and laughed: "The volunteers will love it too, we'll all get our few minutes of fame!" Sometimes working under difficult circumstances can bring out the best in our troubleshooting capabilities. We are very grateful to all the staff and volunteers at Leonard Cheshire who took our instructions on board an worked hard to produce the interviews we were after.

Client: Leonard Cheshire
Director, Editor & Producer: Julia Alcamo
Sound Design: Guy Dowsett